Koju Kokedama
Image of Epipremnum aureum N'Joy Kokedama

Epipremnum aureum N'Joy Kokedama

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Epipremnum aureum N'Joy Kokedama handcrafted with love from the Hibiscus Coast New Zealand. Vines are very well established.

All Kokedama come with care instructions detailing how to water & care for your kokedama to give it the best life regardless if you are a plant person or not !

The Perfect Living Gift

Kokedama originated in Japan during the Edo Period (1603 - 1868). Translated as 'moss ball' Kokedama consists of wet Akadama soil & Keto (peat), formed into a moss ball then bound with twine.
Kokedama can be set on a surface or hung to create a floating appearance.

Please note plant sizes may vary due to availability
Kokedama watering instructions are included, feel free to spritz the plant as you would normally.

Each one of our Kokedama are hand made when you complete your order. We prefer to send them at the beginning of the week so they do not sit with the courier for any longer than necessary. Kokedama can take up to 2 weeks to receive but we will always try to get them to you as soon as possible, we do hold some stock of plants & will always do our best to work within your timeframe.

Kokedama are only available in New Zealand

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